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venerdì 29 giugno 2012

Dior Summer Mix - Summer 2012

This summer collection was released a few weeks ago, and it consists of four glossy Nail Polishes and four Dior Addict Ultra Gloss. Hurry up: they are limited edition!

Here the colors of the nail polishes:
#118 Acapulco
#198 Lagoon
#158 Calypso
#178 Cosmo
 Here the colors of the glosses:

#542 Orange Paréo
#854 Rouge Croisière
#664 Rose Bikini
#224 Or Sunrise

I like the golden gloss and the blue nail polish, they are fantastic mixed toghether!
These nail polishes have a gel-effect: they have a glossy and slightly transparent finish, and their shocking colors are perfect for the season!

Les Vernis: up to 23 €, Dior addict ultra gloss: up to 28 €

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