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sabato 30 giugno 2012

My Beauty Routine :)

Hi girls! It's time to speak about our beauty routine! It could seem a joke, but this blog is just about it ;) 
Well, I wish to tell you my summer morning beauty tips.

    • Cleanser: Actually I'm using the "Isopure" gel cleanser by Jeanne Piaubert. It is a very good french brand, that has created a specific line for combination skin, and I have found it gentle and quite effective.As you do surely know, it is important to cleanse our skin, in order to remove any trace of make up or night cream.
    • Serum / Cream: In this period I don't une a specific serum, because it's too hot: I prefer to reduce the number of layers of cosmetics / makeup. On the cheeks and the sides of the forehead I use Pure Focus by Lancome, and often on the rest of the face. It has a mattifying finish, prerfect for combination skin and hot seasons. When I have some imperfections, I use a treatement on it. If you have normal to combination skin, I suggest you not to use a moisturizing serum in summer. Before buying a treatement, try it al least one week, so you can see the effects it has on your face.
    • Foundation: Now I'm using "Invisible Fluid" by Estee Lauder: perfect, just the right foundation for me!
    • Powder: If you have combination or oily skin I suggest you to use it. I prefer loose powders than compact ones, since they are subtle and gentle. Try Guerlain's "Les Voilettes": it is fresh and it smells of violets :)
    • Eyeshadow: at this point of my routine, I usually put on the eyeshadow: I love Illusion d'Ombre by Chanel, and I often blend it with a dark color. 
    • Liners: liquid eyeliner (always black!), kajal and brow pencil: I like to give importance to eyes.
    • Mascara: volume! That's all ;) If you like a natural effect, I recommend you Inimitable Intense by Chanel, or Diorshow New Look. For an "exaggerated" look: "Diorshow Extase" or "Le 2 de Guerlain" (Volume)
    • Blush: I love Chanel's blushes :) For a natural look, use only a little: it gives a sense of great freshness.
    • Lipstick: actually, Rouge Coco Shine in Boy ;) an important advice: do not use a shocking color if you have put a dark color on eyes: it is better a nude lipstick or only a gloss!!
    • Hightliter: Sometimes I put on my cheekbones "Cruel Gardenia": cruelly seductive!!

    Here I've listed my steps, enjoy!

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    1. Più leggo le tue recensioni più mi vien voglia di comprare qualcosa di Guerlain :-) Anche te pensi che le polveri di questo brand siano decisamente migliori rispetto a tutti gli altri marchi????

    2. Ahah :) Prima di Guerlain ho provato le polveri di Chanel e Dior, ma penso che delle due sotto sotto sia meglio Dior, ma Guerlain sì le supera :) la cipria è più fine, leggera rispetto alla puodre libre universelle di Chanel, ce n'è un pò meno, però dura tantissimo comunque, e secondo me vale il suo prezzo! Inoltre c'è da dire che il packaging è il più ricercato :)

      1. Mmmmmmmmm bene bene...!!!! Prima comprerò il fondo e appena finirò quella Clarins sicuramente acquisterò la cipria libera di Guerlain... Inoltre abbiamo la stessa pelle, per cui mi fido del tuo giudizio ;-)

      2. Il fondo di Guerlain dici?? Dimmi com'è quando lo provi!! :)